Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hear the blog went offline for a while...I've been using an old work e-mail address as my account name for a long time and I imagine the address has now expired, causing Blogger to freak out and shut everything down until I gave them a real e-mail address. Everything should be in working order now.

I'm feeling very...wintery...lately. Like I want to just gather up my loved ones and tumble into a torpor under the slanted ceiling of our third floor bedroom.

Alas, work and school call two of our number forth, and so shuttling, cooking and shopping cannot be stricken from my to-do list, despite the fact that I carry two fifteen-pound phoretic organisms with me everywhere I go. And though the snow that we are expecting this winter is bound to slow me even further than my rapidly-growing children, I was pleased to see so much of it on the weekend and further pleased that it stayed, which it so rarely does in this city any more.

167:365: Snow Geode

168:365: Clown Shoes


  1. your snow geode picture reminds me of my ice scape.

    the clown shoe effect is further aided by the LPS pants.

  2. Frankly, I'm just happy to see you back even if it may only be in snippets. Both you and clown shoes make me happy.