Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not much to say today. I'm finding it easier to remember to either (a) find the time to pick up the camera at opportune moments or (b) make some time during the day to concentrate on photo-taking. I did an entire study of my daughter's accordion and case earlier today. I am quite proud of a number of the photos I took and will likely post them as a set on Flickr.

I think the best one is the last one. I knew today had to be an accordion photo since it was her first day of lessons. She's been over the moon that she has the chance to take these lessons and her enthusiasm hasn't died since her lesson this afternoon. I was really excited this afternoon when her teacher played "Moon River" (a long-standing lullaby in our house) on the accordion and my daughter was moved to accompany her on the piano (she has no idea how to play) that was in the room...

169:365: Greedy Fingers

170:365: Portrait Wall

171:365: Rainbow Wisp

172:365: Old Faithful


  1. So - how did you do the wisp? Accordion shot is nice - you got the shine really well. I see you have skipped to the number of the day. I am going to have to do that too, I guess. I tried a few times to catch up, but no success.
    Like you, a lot of my life is routine and I find it hard to get inspired until I am outside. And driving to the public danger, because I am late for something, past wonderful winter shots. Grr.

  2. The wisp is a ribbon - much like one would use in ribbon gymnastics - that my daughter was swishing back-and-forth along the floor.

  3. Accordion lessons? How much fun is that? We've backed away from all classes and lessons after our fall of psychic despair. I'm hoping she'll be interested in doing some sort of extracurricular something or other come fall.

    I like all these shots but I'm really drawn to the lines and the light in the portrait wall.